A Testimonial - Robin Ghosh

I first really started working out when I was a sophomore in college and it was really difficult to wrap my head around the idea of self punishment like what happens when you go work out either in resistance training form or cardiovascular. I had a history of on and off again exercise routines which would more or less come and go with the seasons. With it came great rewards but maintaining consistency remained truly a battle. Truthfully, a lot of people have the incredible discipline necessary to sustain such activity, I was not one of them. Fast forward to 3 ½ years ago was really the beginning of a new era for myself and my father with regard to exercise. 3 ½ years ago my father and I started training with Jon Ham. Previously, I always found that I was working out for the wrong reason and consequently I would ultimately burn out. When I started training with Jon Ham and my father every Tuesday and Thursday, I slowly learned the deeper more profound rewards that come from exercising: emotional and physical well being. Life is complex with lots of moving parts. It’s very easy to feel down everyday because there are sometimes so many factors which determine your life which are out of your control. Fitness, I learned through the process of training with Jon Ham is one thing which each and every one of us has in our control. It’s a lever which sometimes we rarely utilize because exercise and the road to physical well being is incredibly daunting. Despite these facts, Jon made the entire experience something that I could wrap my head around. Through the process of training with Jon, both my father and I have developed an incredible sense of empowerment through lifting and cross training. It has been very challenging, I won’t pretend it hasn’t been. But with the challenges have come rewards that make me very happy. Jon has been there every step of the way. The guy doesn’t know any other way than to give his 110% into everything he does and consequently I have benefitted immensely.


Jon I got mad for love you bro,


Thanks so much for helping me,


I truly appreciate it,


Robin Ghosh